With the contract officially secured, work is set to commence on the anticipated enhancements to Chelwood Road Play Park in Saltford, Bath. The upcoming project aims to significantly boost the park’s safety and security, creating an even more secure environment for young children and their families.

The outdated timber and wire fencing, which has long been a fixture of the park, will be replaced with 80 meters of robust, one-meter-high solid bar railing. This much-needed upgrade from aging fencing to more durable materials promises a safer and cost-effective solution. The new solid bar railing, combined with sturdy SHS posts, will establish a secure boundary, ensuring children remain within the play area and providing peace of mind for parents.

As our team prepares for the installation, careful planning is in place to minimise disruption to park visitors. The area will be secured throughout the project to reduce short-term inconvenience, though some sections of the park will be temporarily inaccessible to facilitate the work.

The new fencing design, which is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, will seamlessly integrate with the park’s natural surroundings. Its superior durability will reduce the need for frequent maintenance and repairs, providing a cost-effective and lasting solution for the council.

These enhancements are poised to reinforce the park’s role as a central hub for social interaction and outdoor play. By creating a safe, welcoming space for neighbours to connect, the project underscores the council’s commitment to developing vibrant, secure, and enjoyable public areas for the entire community.

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Gate and old timber fencing to be replaced

Old timber fencing at Chelwood Road


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