Bath's Guildhall Internal Redecoration is Expertly Restored

The Guildhall in Bath was constructed in the 18th century by Thomas Baldwin, Bath’s City Architect at that time, and used for a variety of functions including civic meetings, wedding ceremonies and events. More recently it has been a venue for cultural events and performances and notably used as a film set for the fictional romance streaming television series ‘Bridgerton’ to create the ambience of early 19th-century England.


13 Weeks








Local Authority

What the client wanted

As one of the city’s listed and most historical buildings, the Guildhall forms part of B&NES cyclical painting and ornate redecoration programme, one of the Council’s many initiatives to maintain and restore Bath’s most treasured historical sites.

How we helped

As an award finalist at the prestigious contract painter awards in the refurbishment category for our ornate redecoration of the Guildhall, this 3-month ornate redecoration and external painting project is a testament to our team's capability to mirror the original décor of this stunning location as it would have been seen when originally constructed.

Works redecorating the Guildhall include the Alkmar Rooms (wedding rooms), Brunswick Room, the Marble Staircase and north and south staircases with the use of a birdcage scaffold design, we completed under strict supervision and project coordination so as not to impact any function that may have otherwise coincided.

Internal decorations were the result of taking flake samples and electronically colour-matching these to the original colours, then producing vinyl mat, Dulux colour charts and testing each pastel colour: browns, creams, yellows and greens for use as test panels to evaluate the authenticity of the colour-matched samples for a true likeness before decorating as part of the project’s mainstream activity.

External works, including painting the Georgian glazing bars, dry-sealing with putty to reglaze, and replacing downpipes were also scheduled parallel with the internal works using a 123, two-coat weather shield system, with a customised undercoat as the same colour topcoat to provide a deep, yet uniform finish. External works were phased according to bays, which are sections of the building earmarked for external decoration away from the day-to-day events scheduled to occur within the inside areas of the building, thereby maintaining the grandeur for all events unhindered by our works.

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