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  • Steve Dyson

    Associate Vicar


    We're really happy with Wayne's work on our Diocese of Bristol property. In his manner he was really warm, friendly, considerate and polite. In his workmanship he was really professional, thorough and when his work involved being inside our home he went the extra mile in working sensitively around us working from home, even hoovering as he sanded to minimise dust leaving his work areas cleaner than he found them.

    March 2024

  • Sarah Yates

    Buildings & Office


    We're delighted with Matt's work on the Brynland Hall. It's looking brilliant. The front doors look really good too and Matt kindly repainted the main doors yesterday. Matt's such a great worker and always really helpful and kind in his interactions with us.

    March 2024

  • J. Tutton

    Bathroom Surveyor (South)


    I just wanted to say that I'm very happy with the standard of work and finish of the bathroom, an excellent start to the project. If the level of finish is maintained, Corbett House will be a success for tenants, BCC and yourselves. Keep up the good work and thank you. 

    January 2024

  • Tara Lecomber

    Interior Designer South


    I wanted to send my thanks to you and the lovely men working at Jennings Court. Wayne, Marc and Gary were so lovely, so helpful, putting out all the furniture that had been delivered a couple of weeks before, they all worked so hard. I am really pleased with how the makeover went.

    November 2023

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